Wake Up


Evening 7.30pm

Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Age: 12+

Please note, this show is accessible to both deaf and hearing audiences.

Wake Up

A family prepares for war. 
A man wakes up next to a dead body. 
The seas rise, the world is on fire. 

Produced by Solar Bear, ‘Wake Up’ is a triple bill of visual theatre by three trailblazing directors. In three short plays you’ll be transported to a world torn apart by conflict, to a future impacted by climate change, and to a small flat the morning after the night before.

Book your tickets for a evening of bold, thought-provoking and entertaining visual theatre, all accessible to both deaf and hearing audiences.



In TIES, a young woman discovers a tie in her grandparent’s attic, sparking an emotional story of a family caught up in World War Two. The play explores the way we are tied together across time, bound by our shared humanity.

BLACKOUT: A man wakes to find a dead person next to him on a sofa. What will he do with the body and how did it get there? A dark, twisted comedy.

In TIME TO WAKE UP, a man is jolted from his armchair and onto a rollercoaster ride through the history of life on Earth… and a glimpse into its future. Performed by Petre himself, it’s a powerful examination of climate change, and the impact we are having on our planet.

A fantastic display of energy and talent

Joyce McMillan

emotive, sensitive, playful and kind

The List


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Concessions (Senior Citizens / Friends) £2 off


This show is accessible to both deaf and hearing audiences.

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