EIF: We Are Monchichi

EIF: We Are Monchichi

Evening: 6pm
Matinees: 2pm
Running time (approx.): 55 minutes


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We Are Monchichi

This dance show for young audiences explores how we connect across cultures and languages.

How do we come together when everything is pushing us apart? What language do we choose? How do we face the mountain of cultural stereotypes?

Shihya Peng was born in Taiwan, but she lives in Paris. Marco di Nardo was born in Naples, but he lives in Berlin.

In We Are Monchichi, Peng and di Nardo play a game of cat and mouse. They carry each other, fly, fall, exasperate each other, then get up and walk together. With each move, jump or chase, the two dancers search for a childhood memory, a country to live in together, or to live in with others.

With humour, We Are Monchichi speaks to the young and to the less young, exploring our inner multiple identities and the way they are jostled by others.

The Refuge series is supported by British Council, Edinburgh Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh and Claire and Mark Urquhart

Made possible through the PLACE programme

Two dancers in perfect and innovative harmony

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Refuge Series

Wang Ramirez


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