La Conquete (The Conquest)


Evenings Friday 8pm & Sat 6pm
Age: 12+

Manipulate Festival 2024

La Conquete (The Conquest)

What is the legacy of colonisation in today's world?  
Through subtle back-and-forth between past and present, the colonial conquest is dissected, from the discovery and subjugation of a new territory and its indigenous population, to its transformation and exploitation, right up to the discrimination and prejudice of today. In a deliberately bittersweet tone, two actresses revisit the eternal human desire for domination, exploitation and possession in their own way, using object theatre and body puppetry. 
La Conquête pits its caustic irony against the complacent rhetoric that tends to trivialise the traumas and consequences of this still open chapter in history. 

Object theatre for colonised bodies. The Conquest explores the mechanisms of colonisation through object theatre, and uses the body as a stage, a landscape, an object to be conquered, submitted and possessed: resources will be exploited, landscapes transformed, religions and cultures reformed, new frontiers will be set, populations will be divided. The performance is presented by two artists who are deeply connected to colonisation: Dorothée Saysombat (actress and director originates from Laos and China) and Sika Gblondoume (actress and singer originates from Benin). Based on their personal story linked to the universal history, this show talks about colonization as a legacy which concern all of us.  

Presented as part of Manipulate Festival 2024, running from 1–11 February at venues across Edinburgh.

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Created and directed by Nicolas Alline and Dorothée Saysombat  
Performed by Dorothée Saysombat and Sika Gblondoumé  
Régie plateau : Latifa Le Forestier  
Dramaturgical support : Pauline Thimonnier  
Sound design : Isabelle Fuchs  
Lighting design : Rodrigue Bernard  
Set design : Nicolas Alline  
Technician : Rodrigue Bernard or Donatien Letort  
Props construction : Nicolas Alline, Géraldine Bonneton, Latifa Le Forestier, Arnaud Louski Pane, Priscille du Manoir,  
Costumes : Anne-Emmanuelle Pradier  
Puppet : Géraldine Bonneton  
Set construction : Atelier du Grand T-Théâtre de Loire Atlantique, Olivier Guillemain, Nicolas Gallard, Sébastien Matégot 


Coproductions :Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières, Saison culturelle du Pays de Loiron. 
Supports :  Théâtre, scène conventionnée de Laval,  L'Excelsior à Allonnes, Ville de Lille – Maison Folie – FLOW, Les 3 Chênes à Loiron, Le Château du Plessis-Macé, Le Trio...S scène de territoire pour les arts du cirque / Hennebont/Inzinzac-Lochrist, la Région des Pays de la Loire et de la ville d'Angers. 

Compagnie à is approved by the DRAC of Pays de la Loire and by the Region of Pays de la Loire. 

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