Children's Festival: Be Kind


Various performance times

Age: 6-18 months

Running time: 40 mins

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Edinburgh International Children's Festival

Be Kind

Be kind  is an intimate theatre experience for babies. In this sensory performance of sound, colour and movement, children experience acrobatics and juggling up close.

From the song of early birds to luminous juggling at dusk, the performance follows the rhythm of the day. The pop-up decor slowly comes to life, and there is always something that rattles, appears, creaks, rolls or floats.

During the performance, a heartwarming dialogue develops between the artists and their young audience.  Because of these spontaneous interactions, each performance is unique. After the performance, the audience is invited on stage – they can crawl in, out, along and through the decor to explore the special materials up close. Be Kind also offers a specially designed baby book by Rianne van Duin to continue discovering circus and play at home.

The joyful baby rebellion during Be Kind really topped everything.


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