Do baby tickets qualify as Group members?
Baby tickets are not included within a Group total. For example, if you are buying 7 adult tickets and a babes in arms ticket, this would not qualify as a Group booking. Please remember not all shows have baby tickets available so feel free to give us a call to check all discounts.

What discount will I get?
Discounts vary from show to show. You can see what Group discounts are available on individual show pages or by calling us on 0131 529 6005.

Do I get a concessionary price along with the group discount?
Only one discount is applicable per ticket. We will always give you the cheapest rate available for your Group, generally the Group discount.

Can I make my Group booking online?
Group discounts are not available online- we like to discuss your Group’s specific needs and make sure that we explain the full process of how Group bookings work. Plus, by booking with us, even when there isn’t a Group discount available, you still save money having the option to reserve tickets and pay later. In general, payment dates are set for 10 weeks prior to a performance. If you are reserving tickets closer to a performance, we will agree a specific pay date with you.

Why am I getting an answer machine when I call 0131 529 6005?
If our phone lines are busy when you are calling within our opening hours (Mon-Fri 11am-6pm), you will get through to the answer machine. Please leave a message with your name and contact telephone number and we will get back in touch as soon as possible. Outside of our opening hours you can leave us a message and we will get back to you on our return.

What happens if someone in my Group drops out?
One of the reasons we reserve tickets is so you can finalise your numbers before paying for the tickets you need. While we ask that you try to be as accurate as possible when giving us the number of tickets you want to reserve, we suggest you reserve a few more seats just in case.

Can I pay by cheque?
We can accept payment by cheque. As standard policy, we require 10 working days for all cheque payments to clear before issuing tickets. Cheques should be made payable to Capital Theatres.

Can I get a refund?
Once your numbers are confirmed and payment has been made we do not offer refunds. It may be possible to transfer your tickets to another performance of the same show, please call Group Sales on 0131 529 6005 for further information.

What happens if someone in my Group is late?
For certain performances, latecomers cannot be admitted until a suitable break in the performance, sometimes the interval. If a member of your Group has not arrived before the start of the performance, you can leave their ticket with a member of our Customer Services team and they can collect it from them when they arrive.

Can I arrange a special event around my Group visit to see a show?
Absolutely. Please contact our Customer Services team on 0131 622 8097 or email preorders@capitaltheatres.com for information on drinks receptions, backstage tours and talks etc.

Do you have Public Liability insurance at the theatres?
Yes, here's a copy of our policy.