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We have joined forces with Queen Margaret University to develop new talent and support the wider creative and cultural sector in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and the Festival City Theatres Trust have signed an agreement which will lead to a wide variety of artistic and development opportunities for students, staff and the wider community.

The partnership recognises the need to invest in the education and training of the next generation of creative talent. It is predicted that the theatres managed by Capital Theatres, the King’s and Festival Theatres and the Studio at Potterrow will accommodate teaching sessions, with, for example, students having the chance to do voice work in large theatre spaces, and to engage in community theatre projects.

Students, across different specialisms, will also have the option to gain invaluable work experience through internships, research projects and community engagement opportunities. End of year showcase events, such as the Costume Showcase, which promotes the talents of QMU’s Costume Design and Construction degree students, could also be staged at Festival City Theatre Trust venues.

Richard Butt, Deputy Principal at Queen Margaret University said: “This new collaboration presents outstanding opportunities for our students to enhance their skills and knowledge by learning in a true theatre and arts environment. Beyond our drama, festival and cultural management students, there are also prospects for event management, PR, marketing and healthcare students to develop special projects. We also look forward to welcoming guest speakers from different areas of the Trust, who can share their professional knowledge with our student groups.

“The partnership supports projects that are of mutual benefit and we will explore research initiatives that will help not only the Festival City Theatres Trust and QMU, but the wider community. The Trust is also known for its progressive educational activities and we may also explore the possibilities of validating some of its educational programmes.”

Duncan Hendry, Chief Executive of Capital Theatres, said: “This partnership is based on our shared values of equality, diversity and participation, and the development of sustainable arts and cultural organisations which contribute positively to communities and nurture new talent. This is an exciting development with endless opportunities for collaboration across different specialisms. For example, by contributing to QMU steering groups, Trust staff can help shape course development, ensuring students are equipped with the right skills to go into industry. We also look forward to benefiting from new research which can help enhance our business practice and the quality of the customer experience in our theatres. 

“Importantly, we are pleased to be able to contribute positively to undergraduate and postgraduate cultural programmes and to further develop community education for a wide variety of people in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.”

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