#Stafftakeover: Graham Raith

The magic of theatre wouldn't be possible without the exceptional staff who make it all happen behind the scenes. In our new series of #stafftakeovers, we chat to Capital Theatres employee Graham Raith about his role in the organisation and why he loves working in theatre.

What's your job title? 

Head of Electrics              

Describe your job or a typical working day for you

I’m in charge of the team providing the lighting, sound, AV and associated services to the shows and events we put on, liaising with visiting shows and scheduling the team and resources according to their needs. We’re also responsible for maintaining and updating the technical facilities backstage in all 3 venues as well as providing technical support to our other activities such as education and participation.

How long have you worked at Capital Theatres?

Since the Festival Theatre was refurbished in 1994, so 25 years.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s challenging, ever changing and combines both technical work with working with people. And you can’t beat the sound of 1900 people enjoying a show you helped put on.

What made you work in a theatre?

I pretty much fell into it, I did some ushering while between school and university at the Playhouse and then some follow-spotting, and later when I was looking for a job, an opportunity arose for a position working backstage there. I enjoyed it from the start and the rest is history!

What’s your fondest memory since working here?

Probably the first time we did a relaxed show – The Snowman. I was monitoring the audience to make sure we were meeting their needs with the technical adjustments and seeing how the shared experience spread smiles on all those faces was epic.

If you could switch places with a colleague for a day, what role would you like to do?

Either Duncan, Chief Executive, so I could see how it all works together, or back to being an usher and seeing the joy we can bring to our customers.

What has been your favourite show and what are you most looking forward to seeing?

There have been many great shows, but there’s a special place in my heart for the dance shows we did with Pilrig Park School, working with children with special needs. They produced amazing shows, and I’m not embarrassed to admit to quite a few tears in my eyes on those nights.

I look forward to the Cameron Mackintosh musicals, they’re fantastic and have a commitment to quality and customer experience which we share so we have a great relationship with them. Also Matthew Bourne’s shows and of course the International Festival.

Describe Capital Theatres in three works

Quality Joyful Experiences

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