Staff mark the King's 114th anniversary

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The King’s Theatre opened for the first time on 8th December 1906 with a performance of Cinderella, and today we all gathered to celebrate its 114th anniversary in the empty auditorium and to carry wonderful memories and hope into the theatre’s 115th year. 

We asked some staff members what their fondest memory of working at the King's is, and they didn't disappoint! 

Linda Hogg, Front of House Manager

I have worked at Capital Theatres for 26 years including 25 panto seasons.

My favourite moment every year is the pantette. We do 82 panto shows each year, and every year one of the staff writes a pantette, which is a spoof panto. After the show one night we’ll have a drink in the bar and head down to the auditorium for the pantette, and it feels like a community. And that for me and most of the staff is their favourite night. Everyone is celebrating together. That is my favourite memory.

Graham Simpson, Front Of House Usher

The Festival is my favourite time of year with people coming from all around the world. It is the people for me that make the theatre, and hearing their stories and their excitement about what is coming.

Sulie Wood, Technician

I have worked 6 panto seasons. It’s great fun. Excellent camaraderie on stage. We all miss it because of the family feel you get when you are working panto.

The King's Theatre is in need of a complete transformation to ensure its future for generations to come. Earlier in the year we announced the King's redevelopment project was temporarily paused due to the impact of the coronavirus. Even though the Crowdfunder this summer saw a huge outpouring of support for our venues, there is still a long way to go to ensure that the King’s is saved for the long-term.
We will put everything into ensuring the lights remain on for years to come. 

The King's Theatre redevelopment project is supported by the City of Edinburgh Council and The National Lottery Heritage Fund. 


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