Putting on a Show During a Pandemic - Part 2

Southern Light is currently in the final run-up to its fundraising show in aid of the King’s Theatre Redevelopment Fund. In this series of blogs, Fiona MacFarlane, one of the company’s trustees, plots the journey that has lasted the length of the pandemic, and gives an insight into how different the process has been.

Trying to rehearse a chorus of musicians via Zoom presented many of its own challenges - demonstrated here by two very different versions of 'Happy Birthday'. The first video was taken in Lockdown, and as anyone who has similarly attempted to sing via Zoom knows, when the internet is involved, trying to harmonise (or indeed sing at the same time) becomes much more difficult!

Happy Birthday... via Zoom!

Luckily, the second video (below), taken in rehearsals recently is more similar to what you can expect from Southern Light in our concert performance, 'Sing for the King's'!

Happy Birthday... in a Tent!

Part 3 to follow…

The company of Southern Light in a previous production