Goldilocks and the Three Bears in numbers

Last week we bid farewell for the cast and crew of the King’s pantomime, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have loved every minute of the show, and we’ve collated some interesting numbers.

Goldilocks in numbers image.jpg

The Deputy Stage Manager says “GO” 312 times during a single performance. By the end of the run, he gave the ‘Go’ ahead 26,830 times!

Jordan Young spent 7 months learning how to walk on highwire. Out of 84 shows, he only fell 7 times. Way to go, Jordan!

A total of 174 items were logged in our Lost & Found Property. Some of the weirdest ones include a hearing aid, a ticket for the Scotland v Italy rugby match in February and a dog toy.

The quickest costume change is done in a whopping 22 seconds (by the male ensemble), whilst the quickest set change is done in 35 seconds. Talk about speed!

There are a total of 479 lighting cues in the pantomime – our tech staff definitely cannot sleep while on the job…

The set for the pantomime has a combined weight of 4,608kg hanging off the 57 counterweight bars. That’s the same as 35 pigs or 10 horses…

We do love a pyro at the pantomime, and this year it’s no different! This year we set off a total of 2,520 pyros.

If you put all performances together, the show would last 11,760 minutes. That’s over 8 days!

Over the course of 51 days, the cast had just 7 days off, meaning they were on stage for 44 out of those 51 days. That’s dedication to the job!

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