Capital Theatres in numbers

With over 600 performances and almost 300 learning & participation events a year, what are the other numbers that make Capital Theatres so special?

  • The ropes that make the counterweight flying system operate at the Festival Theatre are 52m in length each. There are 77 sets so that makes a total of 4004m of string, which equals the length of over 40 football itches or 160 Olympic swimming pools.
  • This financial year we have welcomed 503,682 visitors to our theatres, that’s almost as much as the population of Lisbon (504,718, as of 2016).
  • Aotearoa! A short film we made about the relaxed performance at the King’s Theatre pantomime Cinderella has reach over 300.000 people, it even reached someone living in New Zealand!
  • A total of 2500 metres of cable was used during the King’s Theatre pantomime Beauty and the Beast. The cables are about the same length as 166 double decker buses!
  • People love our dementia friendly drop-in cafes, with even a friend coming all the way from the Isle of Lewis (198 miles away).
  • Our Christmas tree at the Festival Theatre had a total of 60 pairs of ballet shoes as decoration!
  • If Les Misérables had run uninterrupted at the Festival Theatre, it would have lasted a total of 3.4 days!
  • Beauty and the Beast used 284 lighting fixtures, 81 FOH, 75 Overhead, 64 on the floor, 42 strobes, 18 stars sources, 10 in the car, 1 moon and 1 rose…
  • There’s a total of 113 stairs from the substage to the Followspot Box at the King’s Theatre. Needless to say our technical team is in shape!

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