60 seconds with Jordan Young

Hiya pals! Jordan Young is currently playing Joey the Clown in this year’s King’s Panto Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We sat down with him for a quick cuppa in between shows!

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What were you most looking forward to in your first year in the King’s Edinburgh panto?

I’ve been to the last 9 or 10 King’s pantos. I can genuinely say I’ve loved them; the chemistry of the three guys is incredible. I’m delighted to be sharing a stage with them. I’m most looking forward to getting Grant to sing me ‘That’s Fife’ every single day.

Is it hard to be leaving the Aberdeen panto and Alan McHugh behind?

I was 12 years doing panto in Aberdeen so it kind of felt like a second home. It’s a fantastic theatre and great city. It was a joy to work with the talent that is Alan McHugh; we get on really well. Everything changes and it’s probably a relief for the punters of Aberdeen that I’m down here!

You’ve worked with Andy Gray in River City. Is he, as Richard E Grant likes to say, “the funniest man alive’’?

Andy is one of my favourite people; he’s a delight to be around. I worked with him on a sitcom years ago; he made us all laugh more than anyone else on the job. Funniest man alive? I’ll agree with that.

Some of the panto cast (no names!) are known for pranking their co-stars backstage. Have you got any tricks up your sleeves?

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love giving people frights. If I could make a living out of it I would. I’ve been known to wait in cupboards or behind sofas for 40 minutes to jump out and give someone a fright. I’ve worked with Gillian in Aberdeen; her backstage ‘frights’ are amateurs’ work. Now things are gonna get serious.

What’s your favourite panto story and why?

It’s probably Cinderella; it’s the classic fairy tale. Magical. I’ve usually played Buttons, which is always great fun.

What’s your secret to surviving the long panto season?

My secret to surviving a panto run is to always enjoy it, and remember it’s the first time the audience has seen the show despite it being your 74th performance! And peanut M&Ms.

You’re famous for playing the bad boy Alex McAllister in River City. Do people ever confuse you with the characters you play on stage and on telly when they see you in the street?

I once had a woman refuse to serve me a bottle of water in a shop: “I ken what you’ve been up to in that programme!” The guy behind me in the queue had to persuade her to sell me it (true story). I’m hopefully much nicer in real life than my on-screen persona. When I was in Aberdeen, I’d often get “Hiya pals!!” shouted at me...not just by kids.

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