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Storytelling is at the heart of theatre. We have been working with Harmeny education trust (a residential care home for care experienced children) to co-create a series of short stories while they are isolating in their individual cottages. These interactive digital sessions allow participants to devise a story, such as choosing the characters and creating the environment, which will then be turned into a short film at the end of the project.

These stories range from a disgruntled elephant called Alfred who loses his cool after falling from a high wire, to the story of Bob, a lonely zoo keeper who started his own zoo on the moon! 

Zoo on the Moon 

Check out one of our ongoing adventures ‘Zoo on the moon’ created by the fantastic imaginations at Harmeny, where you can watch Bob, our slightly glum hero, work his butt off to create his very own zoo on the moon! In this last instalment, the zoo is finally thriving, Bob and his brother Rob are celebrating their hard work, but we want to know - what happens to the space unicorn?