Musicals Commissioning Hub 2024

Discover the new home of great new Scottish Musicals #MusicalsHubScot and how to submit your application.


For years, Capital Theatres has showcased top-tier plays, musicals, operas, and dance from the UK and beyond. Pitlochry Festival Theatre has a rich history of producing outstanding musicals. In 2021, the Musicals Commissioning Hub was launched, a partnership between our venues to nurture new Scottish musicals.

Amid limited opportunities and funding, we're committed to fostering Scottish theatre through initiatives like the Musicals Commissioning Hub, bridging opportunities for future talent and audience delight.

In 2021, over 80 applications were received, reflecting Scotland's culture and spirit. With guidance from industry experts, we selected three projects: Shonagh Murray’s "Nessie," Tommy Antonio’s "Rebel," and Niloo-Far Khan’s "The Light Travels." These received support and funding, leading to industry presentations. Currently, "Nessie" is set for a co-production in Spring 2025.

Both venues are committed to continuing to invest in new musicals, showcasing Scotland's talent – read on for more information about how to apply to the next round of the Musicals Commissioning Hub.