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Edinburgh is an internationally renowned city of culture, blessed with historic buildings in which to enjoy a wide array of art and entertainment. For us to retain and preserve this heritage, we need to invest in our buildings to make them welcoming and accessible venues for everyone.  

Our ambition to keep the King’s open and thriving has become increasingly urgent; if major improvements are not made, visitor numbers will continue to decline because of the poor visitor experience. The King’s will almost certainly be forced to close and we will lose one more of the UK’s most historic theatres.

The King’s Theatre is a gem that deserves to be preserved. If we don’t invest in our theatres we stand to lose a vital part of Scotland’s cultural heritage and a theatre for everyone for generations to come

Brian Cox, Honorary Patron

From its opening night in 1906, the King’s has been a city institution and an architectural gem. For generations people have flocked to and adored the King’s.

We invite your help to ensure the next generation will have the same opportunities to share in the magic of live performance at the King’s.

If you can do one thing today, try and imagine your life without the King’s. Imagine not having hundreds of local children perform on stage as part of the Gang show; or families missing the magical experience of walking through the elaborately carved wooden doors to see the Christmas panto with their nearest and dearest; imagine not seeing unmissable, world-class performances in our impressive ornate auditorium during the International Festival. Without the King's Theatre, Edinburgh would lose a bit of its sparkle.

We have the opportunity with the King’s transformation to open the building up to a much-wider audience, to turn the building into a vibrant, accessible arts venue where there’s lots going on, during the day and on into the evening. As dear is the building is now to those who can’t imagine Edinburgh without it, the King’s has the potential to be an even greater asset to the city’s cultural life. 

Help us seize this opportunity to secure the King’s for the future and make ‘everyone’s theatre’ the best it can possibly be.

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