Together, we are saving the King’s

Thanks to the amazing support of so many, the King’s Redevelopment can commence in earnest.

We are thrilled that the additional support from the Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh Council means that work on transforming the King’s can begin. Capital Theatres is enormously grateful to everyone who helped us get this far.


Do you remember your first trip to the theatre?

For many, it is the treasured memory of shared laughs with family and friends at the annual pantomime or the sense of awe when the curtain rises on an unforgettable scene…

For many people in Edinburgh, their first memory of theatre is at the King’s.

 Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre is known as the People’s Theatre because of its rich, diverse programme which has enshrined it as a beloved and critical part of Scotland’s cultural life.  

The King's restoration will ensure this magnificent theatre can continue to support the cultural infrastructure of Scotland’s capital, its festivals and its year-round cultural offer. It will transform access to the building to achieve equality of experience for all​ and discrete and tasteful changes will communities, groups & schools to visit by day as well as in the evenings.

It will modernise, preserve and showcase the unique heritage of the King’s Theatre​ whilst retaining and developing cultural skills and expertise.. It will support Edinburgh’s objective of carbon net zero by 2030.

The aim of this ambitious project is to make the King’s a brilliant place for audiences as well as a safe space for staff and visiting companies so that lots of new productions and genres can be presented at the King’s for generations to come.

Thank you for helping us save the King's!

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Discover the plans to ensure the King's Theatre thrives for generations to come.