Ian Rankin's Rebus: A Game Called Malice makes it's Scottish Premiere with Gray O'Brien in the title role 

On June 27th we welcomed press to the Festival Theatre for the announcement of Gray O'Brien as the titular detective in Rebus: A Game Called Malice.  

Following the success of the critically acclaimed BBC television series Daniel Schumann and Lee Dean announce the return to the stage of Ian Rankin’s much-loved detective Rebus, in the stage production of Rebus: A Game Called Malice by Ian Rankin and Simon Reade, with Gray O’Brien in the title role. The play centres around a murder mystery game, but with rising suspicions  

Loveday Ingram directs Gray O’Brien (John Rebus), Abigail Thaw (Stephanie Jeffries) and Billy Hartman (Jack Fleming). A co-production with Cambridge Arts Theatre it opens there on 29 August, before a 12 venue tour, which launches at the Festival Theatre and completing its run at Lighthouse, Poole on 30 November. 

A splendid dinner party in an Edinburgh mansion concludes with a murder mystery game created by the hostess. A murder needs to be solved. But the guests have secrets of their own, threatened by the very game they are playing. And among them is Inspector John Rebus. True crime is his calling. Is he playing an alternative game, one to which only he knows the rules? There are suspects, clues and danger with every twist and turn - and a shocking discovery will send this game called ‘Malice' hurtling towards a gasp-inducing conclusion.