Brewing up a new partnership with Stewart Brewing

Today, we're please to announce a new corporate partnership with Stewart Brewing – an Edinburgh-based company who share our values of excellence, exceptional service and care for the community and environment.


Fiona Gibson, and Jo and Steve Stewart at the new Stewarts Brewing Bar

Stewart Brewing’s values chime well with our ethos, encompassing a commitment to excellence; offering exceptional service which exceeds customer expectations; dynamic teamwork and a strong work ethic; a commitment to fun; and care for the community and the environment. All these principles are echoed in our own values of Consideration, Collaboration and Professionalism as well as our commitment to sustainability and community, and fun goes without saying.

Stewart Brewing will also be supporting our pioneering creative engagement work, development of Scottish talent and our co-production of landmark theatre experiences.

“We’re thrilled to find partners in Stewart Brewing, a company, like ourselves, based in Edinburgh but with a reach which stretches nationally and beyond. We’re passionate about working alongside local businesses, especially those who share our values round excellence, community and the environment. We’re also very much onboard with their commitment to ‘Have fun and enjoy life!’.”
- Fiona Gibson
Jo and Steve Stewart in the Festival Theatre Auditorium
“We are thrilled by the opportunity to work with Capital Theatres over the next 3 years. There’s no denying that Edinburgh thrives off the arts and we are proud to play our part in supporting Capital Theatres in delivering world class productions to the city, and we can’t wait to be enjoying them with a beer in hand.”
- Jo and Steve Stewart, Founders of Stewart Brewing

Visit the new Stewarts Brewing Bar in the Upper Circle the next time you're in the Festival Theatre - and don't forget to use the new can recycling bins after you're finished!

The new Stewarts Brewing Bar in the Upper Circle

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