Customer Service

We are committed to ensuring every customer has the most enjoyable experience possible.

Our Aim

At Capital Theatres we are committed to achieving excellence in customer service and to improving our service through continuous review and development.


Capital Theatres aim to be a good employer providing career development and training for employees, caring about our audiences and building long-term relationships with them, forging close and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders and business partners and by contributing to and being part of the community we serve. We will always try to exceed minimum standards and expectations.

Capital Theatres strive to be an organisation where our people are empowered, motivated and engaged by their work and enjoy working together to deliver our shared aims and objectives.


We care

We take a people-centred approach.

We go above and beyond so everyone feels welcome.

We are thoughtful, respectful and sincere.

We share

We are collaborative, transparent and inclusive.

We truly listen and respond.

We are committed to widening access.

We dare

We rise to any and every challenge.

We are ambitious in outlook.

We are courageous.

Together we deliver

We have a 'can do' attitude and take pride in our professionalism.

When we collaborate there's unmistakeable energy.

We are trusted to deliver a quality experience every time.