Environmental Initiatives

At Capital Theatres we are committed to minimising the environmental impact arising from our activities and to exceeding the basic legal requirements where possible. Our environmental policy focuses on 3 areas: carbon reduction, influencing change and embedding environmental awareness and is championed across departments through our internal green team.

In line with our environmental policy we have recently welcomed an audience of bees to the Festival Theatre. The hive, which is on the roof of the Festival Theatre is managed by Plan Bee and currently has around 60,000 bees.  Since bees are on the world endangered list  we are happy that with our hive we are playing a small part in supporting the honeybee population and that our bees are working hard in Edinburgh city centre to pollinate nearby plants.

Other aims over the next three years include:

  • Raising our recycling efficiency from 75 to 80%
  • Converting our auditorium lighting to LEDs
  • Installing water sub-meters to improve our knowledge of water usage and to identify areas of saving
  • Developing sustainable ways to promote our shows, for example, by using digital innovations for marketing rather than print
  • Working with our partners, visiting companies, suppliers and audiences to spread environmental awareness and ensuring that they aspire to the same high standards we expect of ourselves
  • Addressing environmental issues through programming, seeking to raise the profile of these topics by identifying and building links with productions with environmental themes
  • Ensuring that the King’s Theatre refurbishment project makes environmental concerns a fundamental part of planning and procurement