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Rambert - Draw From Within WATCH AT HOME SCREENING

Fri 25 Sep 2020


Age: 12A

Festival Theatre

Box Office: 0131 529 6000

Ticket prices

All tickets £10 per household


Draw From Within

Wim Vandekeybus 

Capital Theatres are partnering with Rambert to present this brand-new real-time livestream performance. 



Take an exhilarating leap into the unknown. Rambert’s full company of dancers are currently in the studio creating their first real-time, live-stream performance with leading choreographer and film-maker, Wim Vandekeybus. Through the eye of the camera–you’ll land right in the middle of a turbo-charged live performance. Rambert’s London South Bank studios will be transformed into a series of contrasting, vivid theatrical worlds, some dream worlds, some nightmares, some turned upside down....Wim Vandekeybus is a story-teller. At this precise moment in the world, he wants to show how we’re at once fragile and strong. Threat is countered by liberation, death by birth. Most of the time we don’t think of the blood coursing through our veins. We usually only become aware of our heart beating in our chest when we’re afraid, or something’s wrong. Wim wants to dare us to look under the skin and embrace these contraries.

Through the eye of the camera – you’ll land right in the middle of a live performance and a series of vivid theatrical worlds, direct from London’s Rambert’s South Bank studio.

Good to know…

This is a live performance, please don’t miss it

Once you have your ticket, set an alarm. This is not pre-recorded. This LIVE. You don’t have to leave your home but while you prepare your nibbles, grab a glass of something and take your seat on your sofa, our dancers (and cameras) will be warming up and preparing to perform for you and everyone watching. We’d hate you to be late and it be over.

Of course, with live performance comes jeopardy. We have planned and rehearsed this. And planned and rehearsed some more. But as in all live performances, anything could happen. If unplanned things happen, at least you can say you were there. And we can guarantee no queues at the bar.

Dance performance but not as we know it

We’re so happy to be back in the studio doing what we love. Of course, we would love to be sharing time with you in your local venue but that is not possible right now. However, rather than perform a straight show on a stage and film it for you, we’re going out on a limb.  We figured, given we know this is going to be watched on a screen, we could do something a little (lot) differently. So, this is not (just) a high-quality broadcast. It is a show made knowing the camera will be in the middle of everything from the concept stage.

The safety curtain

Before the creation process for Draw from Within began, the entire Rambert company, artists, production and technical teams were tested for COVID. Having been given the all-clear, dancers were allocated to bubbles (some already share a household) and we’ve followed all guidelines to make sure our team is kept safe and well. We temperature check on arrival, follow markings on the floor and the washrooms even have names on. These measures mean that when we perform the show you will see some dancers in close contact but they will have been working solely with this specific group of dancers since August.

Important technical information – please read in advance

Please note this is a live performance.

Tickets are purchased for this performance from capitaltheatres.com to be live streamed on Rambert Home Studio.

  • register (free of charge) on org.uk/homestudio
  • registering is easy to do, but to avoid a last-minute panic, we advise you do this the day before if you can
  • once registered, go to your Rambert Home Studio account and enter your ticket - you can now watch the performance live on any device signed in as you.
  • Please note: Your ticket code will be sent to you on Thursday 24 September


There are no discounts available for this screening.

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