Rambert Autumn Livestream

Thu 16 Sep to Sat 18 Sep 2021

Thu 3pm, Fri and Sat 8pm

Age: 12

Festival Theatre

Box Office: 0131 529 6000

Ticket prices

Single ticket £10
Household ticket £15

Watch at Home

Full viewing instructions below

Rambert Autumn Livestream


Rambert’s Artistic Director creates a new piece especially for the fresh new talent of Rambert2. These early career dancers were handpicked from more than 650, for their outstanding ability and individuality. Their debut theatre tour received standing ovations.

Having challenged five different choreographers to expand the frontiers of real-time livestream performance for Rambert since last autumn, Benoit now takes his turn to create for this exciting new cinematic medium. Always ambitious, always daring, we can’t wait to see what new and stimulating audience experiences he creates.

How to watch the show

1. Redeem your ticket code on Rambert Home Studio
1) Go to Rambert Home Studio and if you don’t have an account create one
2) If you already have an account, log in here:
3) Once you’ve logged in, redeem your 16-digit ticket code here:

  • You only need to do this step once and it will save the code to your
    account. On your account page you can see all ticket codes redeemed
    under ‘Tickets registered to your account’
  • We recommend you do this as soon as you have received your ticket code so on the night of your purchased performance you can just login and enjoy the show.

2. Watch the show
1) Once you’ve redeemed your ticket code, click here to find your performance:
2) Click on the performance date and time you bought a ticket for. The
livestream player will start one hour before the performance time so you can check your web browser is playing the video and audio for you. The actual performance will begin at the advertised start time.
3) For the best viewing experience of the livestream performance, we
recommend using the most up to date versions of Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox web browsers.

We hope you enjoy your performance. Should you experience any technical
difficulties please email
homestudio@rambert.org.uk for assistance.

"…unlike most livestreams, this was not a static recording or a glitchy presentation over Zoom. Watching it felt more like watching a movie, immersive and absorbing, yet easily the most technically sophisticated live dance production I’ve seen since theaters closed"

New York Times on Rambert's Draw From Within live screening

There are no discounts available for this screening.

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