Isle of Brimsker

Thu 28 Feb 2019

11am & 1.30pm

Running time (approx.): 1 hour

Age: 13+

The Studio

Box Office: 0131 529 6000

Ticket prices

£12* (Very limited number of tickets available).

* Ticket prices include a contribution to the Theatres Development Fund. An 80p handling charge will be added if you ask us to post your tickets.

The Isle of Brimsker

The Isle of Brimsker is a multi-sensory theatre performance for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disablities (PMLD).

A lighthouse keeper lives alone on a desolate outcrop surrounded by stormy seas. Change is on the horizon but not in the form she expects. One day a runaway lands on the shore and together they face the inevitable.

A new multi-sensory story from Frozen Light, specialists in making theatre for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Commissioned by Harlow Playhouse, The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre, Bordon; Vivacity Key Theatre, Peterborough. With support from Arts Council England; house; The Garage Norwich; and The Point Eastleigh.

Very limited number of tickets available. Not bookable online, please call Box Office to book on 0131 529 6000.

Capital Theatres aim to be accessible to all. We are committed to making your visit to our theatres as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. All of our Front of House staff undergo disability awareness training and Dementia Friend Training and will be pleased to assist you should you require any information or help. 

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The Isle of Brimsker is a theatre production for adult and young adult audiences (13+) with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) and their companions.

Why is the show for people with PMLD?
There is very little theatre made specifically for people with PMLD that is accessible and meets their needs. We want to make sure that people with PMLD are given the first opportunity to attend The Isle of Brimsker.

My day centre ranges from age 16-69 can I give flyers to everyone
Yes the show is for anyone with PMLD aged over 13.

I have a 15 year old son with Downs Syndrome, is The Isle of Brimsker for him?
The show has been created specifically for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, however we have had audiences with other learning disabilities come and enjoy the show, so if you think he will enjoy it then please buy a ticket.

I’m really interested in this type of work but I don’t know anyone with PMLD, can I come see the show?
Please contact Box Office to leave your contact details and we will check with Frozen Light.

I’d like to book a ticket for The Isle of Brimsker. What kind of ticket would you like to book? Would that be for a person with learning disabilities with a companion? “No, I just want to see the show”

This show has been developed specifically for an audience with PMLD but if you would still like to see it I will contact Frozen Light and see if there are any additional tickets available.

What are your disabled toilets like? Is there a changing places or a changing bed?

There are unisex accessible toilets on level one, with emergency call buttons and handrails. These are not suitable as changing places.  The nearest Changing Place is:

National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street

Can I leave the person I am accompanying at the show on their own?

Performers and theatre staff are not responsible for audience members. A person with a learning disability will need to be accompanied by a carer/companion. The
show has been designed to be enjoyable for everyone and we hope that the companions will enjoy the show too.

The person I support may find it difficult to sit still and they may want to move around and make noise. I'm not sure they will sit through 60 minutes.
The actors are used to audience members not staying in their seats and wanting to watch the show whilst in the performance space or the far back of the room, this is not a problem. The audience does not have to be quiet throughout the show. If an audience member becomes distressed they can leave and re-enter the space as many times as they need.

What is the performance space like? Is there raked seating?
The production is performed on floor level and the whole space is completely wheelchair accessible.

I am bringing my teenager with PMLD but his brother is only 7 can I bring him?
Yes – the show has been created for young adults and adults with PMLD but we have also found that it is enjoyable for younger siblings. There is nothing in the show that is inappropriate for a younger audience, we will just check with the company in regards to additional ticket availability and get back to you.

Will the performance be suitable for the person I support?
The show has been designed specifically for people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. If you would like further information about the show please contact Box Office who can give you the details of the best person to contact. 


How many carers can we bring?
We recommend that every person with PMLD is accompanied by one carer. If a school/day centre/care home makes a group booking they may want to bring fewer adults. As long as it is made clear to them that the theatre staff and performers are NOT responsible for the audience then it is ok to have less adults than people with disabilities. (e.g. if a school brings 6 people and there are 4 staff members and they think that this is safe for the students they are coming with).

Can we bring more than 6 students?
The show and stage layout has been created specifically for an audience of 6 people with PMLD and the quality of the show will be greatly reduced by a larger audience.
There are one-to-one moments throughout the production which means that there is not time in the show for there to be a larger audience.

The show is sold out at your venue, where else is it touring to?
The Isle of Brimsker will be going on a nationwide theatre tour in Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, you can check the Frozen Light website for updates and tour dates.