Support our Bees

Help us to address the declining bee population by adopting and naming a bee from our Festival Theatre rooftop beehive.

We’re playing a small part in addressing the declining bee population working with experienced beekeepers Plan Bee to host a bee hive in the Festival Theatre rooftop. In the past few years, honey bees have experienced substantial declines – down a third since 2007. The causes are not yet fully understood but it's believed that a number of factors have contributed, including parasites and disease, climate change, pesticides and air pollution.

Urban environments are great places for bees to thrive - there are lots of green spaces, gardens and parks with no pesticides. Why not help us address the declining bee population? 

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Adopt a bee

For just £3 you can adopt and name your very own theatre honey bee.

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Adopt 1O bees

For just £30 you also receive an exclusive mini-jar Festival Theatre honey.

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Adopt 2O bees

For just £60 you also receive an exclusive large jar of Festival Theatre honey.