Call-Out for Club Scene

Last month we did a call out to 16-28-year-olds to join us for a free 90-minute hip hop dance workshop. All abilities and experience levels were welcome and any attenders who were up for it were given the chance to sign up to be in the community chorus in the Festival Theatre run of new hip hop musical, In The Willows, opening 27 March.

The workshop, held in the Studio on 16 Feb, was led by one of the UK’s foremost hip hop dance teachers Sheila Attah. In her role as Chorus Leader, she’s been visiting all ten venues on the In The Willows tour to give locals the chance to try out some of the choreography created for the show by acclaimed hip hop artist and Street Dance 3D star Rhimes Lecointe.

Sheila took 12 dancers through the workshop: “They were very enthusiastic, very open and I loved that they appreciated my crazy. I welcome them to be crazy, really silly and they gave it their all”.

To introduce the dancers to the story of the show, an adaptation of The Wind In The Willows and the choreography the community cast who join it will contribute, Sheila asked the dancers to “take on the soul and spirit of a rabbit, because for this section of the show that the chorus create, it’s a club scene.

They really got into it, the results were amazing.”

Amy Pavri In the Willows workshop Photo Greg Macvean.jpg
Amy Pavri (centre)

Amy Pavri, 16, travelled over from the southside of Glasgow for the workshop and has signed up to be in the community chorus.

“I really enjoyed Sheila’s workshop. She made it so enjoyable and it was a really comfortable environment to be working in. 

 In terms of performing on the stage of the Festival Theatre (still can’t believe I’m saying that) I’m so excited and can’t wait to pick up the choreography and meet and interact with the cast. I think it’s amazing that you’re giving young people the opportunity to be a part of a professional production as it’s not often that an opportunity like that is an option and it's a really nice and beneficial experience for people considering the industry as a career.”


Ugnė Mitrikevičiūtė in TheWillows workshop Photo Greg Macvean.jpg
Ugnė Mitrikevičiūtė (centre)

Ugnė Mitrikevičiūtė, 27, will also be back to join Amy and 6 other local dancers to perform with professional dancers on the biggest stage in Scotland.

“The workshop was such a great experience! Sheila made sure the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, and the dancing choreo was not only fun but also interesting. I am very excited to be part of Edinburgh community chorus. I believe it will be challenging and a lot practicing and rehearsing will be needed but it will be soooo worth it!”

Amy Pavri and Ugnė Mitrikevičiūtė will be performing as part of the community chorus of In The Willows at the Festival Theatre (27-30 March). Join us for their big moment in this exciting new hip hop musical.