What is Vulcan 7?

A look into Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer’s new comedy

Imagine that, after having fallen in lean times as an actor, you are forced to take a small role with a ridiculous costume in a sci-fi movie, set in a volcano in Iceland. While on set, you meet an old friend from your times at RADA. But things aren’t going accordingly to plan…

That’s the premise of Young One’s actors Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer’s new comedy, Vulcan 7.

Gary Savage (Adrian Edmondson) and Hugh Delavois (Nigel Planer) were students at RADA together. Now in their sixties, they meet in an Icelandic wasteland, on the set of a fantasy movie.

Hugh has had a plodding career but has landed the role of Vulcan’s butler - a small but regular role - and he's making his seventh film for the franchise. Gary is a one-time Hollywood A-lister who has fallen on lean times, and is playing a guest monster with four hours in make-up and one word in the script.

Sparks fly inside the trailer as old wounds are opened. Leela, a runner, attempts to keep the peace between them, but outside the trailer things are not going to plan either: the director’s gone AWOL, the volcanic activity is growing more and more lively by the minute and the catering truck’s on the wrong side of a ravine...

Did you know...

...the film set is located on top of EyjafjallajökullGuðnasteinn, the volcano that erupted in 2010?

...the show is called Vulcan 7 because it’s about some people attempting to make the seventh film in a franchise about the god Vulcan?

...Adrian Edmondson's character is based on all the naughty boys he's met and seen on TV? He refused to give us the names!

...the show is based on the actors' own experiences of waiting for hours on end in trailers and caravans, sometimes in the freezing cold and dressed in some random costume, to just do three minutes work?

Check out the video interviews with the cast of Vulcan 7 and discover more about this new comedy.

Vulcan 7 comes to the King's Theatre 5-10 November.