25 Live in numbers

To celebrate 25 years of the Festival Theatre and the creative partnerships we’ve fostered nationally and internationally, we are hosting a Variety evening of existing and new works made with our communities, partners and people. Let’s have a look at 25 Live in numbers…

- 30 artists will be working with over 200 participants, ranging from as little as 3 years old to as old as 98 years old!

- A total of 15 pieces of existing and new work will be shared on the Festival Theatre stage 

- 6 choreographers, 5 musical directors, 4 film makers, 3 accompanist, 2 Indian dance companies, 2 national companies and 1 lighting designer will make this an unforgettable celebration

- 13 organisations have teamed up with us to showcase the best creativity on stage

- There will be a total of 210 costumes and 416 shoes

- A team of 13 technicians will be making this live show possible backstage

- Audience members will be delighted with 879 dance moves over 6 dance performances

- Over 150 chocolate cupcakes with blue and white frosting will sweeten the evening

- The shows features 6 dance pieces, 2 choirs, four film pieces, two musical numbers and 1 physical theatre exploration of the theatre’s rich history

- 2 presenters, Jamie MacDougall and Saskia Ashdown, will keep the energy going on stage in between the shows

- 1 theatre celebrating 25 incredible years

Join us for 25 Live on Saturday 1 June at the Festival Theatre and celebrate this magical anniversary with us.


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